Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 'Round Here

Y'all know I get crazy for Halloween. So this year, we decided to have a little spooky sleepover for Walker and a couple of his friends. The boys favorite part - apple bobbing. They could have kept going for hours if it hadn't gotten dark. And then they brought in the bucket and bobbed in the shower.

And let's just say - how did I live without Pinterest? And I think the first couple of pins I ever pinned were Halloween - love all of the great ideas and I've already started pinning for Christmas!

So, here are a couple of shots from our Halloween festivities. No picture of Mike - he's not quite as into the holiday as Walker and I are - but I did get him to dress up in one of my UNC t-shirts - he went as a UNC fan (he's a die-hard Dookie).

Walker went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and one of his best friend's neighborhoods - so he was pretty happy Halloween night. And here's how I handle the candy - and always have - we just dump it out and he goes at it. Then he basically is over it and it sits in the bag for months.

I'm always Wendy the witch - but this year, Walker demanded that I switch it up and try something new. So, meet Wendy the zombie mommie...

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  1. Amazing decorations! And I love the zombie look too! I wonder if you made the Halloween wreath yourself? It's really great.

    1. I sure did!! I'm planning to do a blog entry this week dedicated to the wreath with a little tutorial! Thank you!

  2. What a fun time !!!! Love the wreath !!!

  3. love your boo wreath! and i totally want to try those apple/peanut butter teeth next year!!

  4. How fun! It makes me so happy when I see parents dress up with their kids. Great memories you are creating with them.


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