Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Gifts: The Best Bag

Two years ago I won a Kelly Moore bag through a random Twitter contest. I'd been eying her bags for a while, but hadn't yet pulled the trigger to purchase one on my own.

If you don't know about Kelly Moore bags, let me introduce you to the most versatile, beautiful, well-made and sturdy bags you've ever seen.

Seen I'm a bit of a bag lady in that I like to carry EVERYTHING around with me. But I only like to carry ONE bag at a time. And my Kelly Moore bag fits everything - including my laptop - perfectly. I have the Two Sues bag in Walnut - and it goes with everything too. Not a week doesn't go by that I don't get a compliment on this bag.

Kelly Moore bags were created to use when carrying cameras - which I use mine for as well when I carry mine with me - but since I'm not anything close to being a professional photographer, I use my purse for other things too.  And I use it every day - and it is still in perfect condition - just like the day I bought it!

And just because it's for photographers doesn't mean it won't work perfectly for the mom on the go. For example - the pocket that is supposed to be used to carry memory cards for your camera is perfect for Nintendo DS games. Walker is the one that came up with that idea....
So how exciting is it that Kelly Moore is having a Black Friday sale that will give you $25 off any Kelly Moore bag????

I'd suggest you pick up one in every color and give them away (but keep your fave for yourself!) Or at least drop some huge hints to the hubby before Friday!
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  1. oooh, good to know...i've always wondered about those bags since reading about them on blue eyed bride....thanks for the tip!!


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