Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mustard for Fall...And I'm Not Talkin Hot Dogs

Mustard seems to be everywhere this season. Specifically, I've seen it in a lot of different pant styles paired with other solid jewel tones. Top it off with that gold jewelry you've been dying to bring out and it's a perfect ease into fall.

I love this color and already have quite a bit of it in my wardrobe, so very excited that I am finally in fashion! About time!


 And for you youngsters out there that don't get the Grey Poupon reference, check the commercial from 1988 here.
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  1. Love it - you are so good at these style sets!

    I look atrocious in mustard but love it on others - and sandwiches. However, that pink skirt puts it far enough away from my pasty visage that I just might be able to pull it off . . .

  2. Mustard is not my best color, but I love it so much, I wear it anyway. Great picks!

  3. I love mustard I'm glad I get to pull out my mustard skirt again.


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