Monday, June 25, 2012

Walker's Wardrobe

I'm afraid I've created a monster.

Walker has become so picky about his attire these days. This weekend we had an engagement party to attend and children were invited. Walker had already decided in his head he was going to wear his khaki shorts and plaid long-sleeve shirt. Both of which were dirty because he'd just worn them a few days before.

It was a melt-down of all melt-downs because I made him wear a navy t-shirt with plaid shorts. You would have thought it was the end of the world. There were tears upon tears and pouting and more tears...Then I refused to allow him to wear his flat hat and sunglasses (my mother-in-law would have died) and that produced another round of tears.

I said, "Walker, a seven-year-old shouldn't care this much about what he's wearing."

He said, "But I do care what I'm wearing mom."

Honestly, I was secretly giddy inside, but he's gotta learn to fall in love with another outfit to have a back-up if he's going to be this picky. 

He's also picked up a trend from the older boys at school - tall, black socks. And I'm hoping this trend will pass. Evidently these are referred to as "bro socks" and they absolutely have to be Nike brand - the Target brand will not do - and he wears them with his red Vans. I seriously thought I'd raise a child with a bit more of a preppy style. I'm hoping this is just a phase.

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  1. Black socks and red vans?? Ha! That's so cute!


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