Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Love Life in Whitney Houston Songs

I've watched the Glee episode tribute to Whitney Houston Tuesday night and realized that I know almost every single word to every hit she ever had. And I totally caught myself belting out the lyrics and all of these memories came flooding back in my mind from years ago. (Yet, I can't remember what I need to pick up at the grocery store halfway through the store...hmmm...)

The first record single I ever remember having was Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". I have memories of me dancing in my den, singing along to every word of my curly haired, pink eyeshadow wearing idol. I was twelve - just starting to understand what boys were all about, having my first junior high crush and attending my first school dance. Appropriately so, the girls would all sit on one side of the cafeteria and the boys on another. And inside we were all dying for a boy to ask us to dance, but they were all too shy or too cool.

Moving along to high school - 1992 - my Junior year - and The Bodyguard was the number one movie in theaters. Naturally, high-school boyfriend and I had to have a "song" and naturally, I chose "I Will Always Love You" as our song. Not sure he ever knew that though. He dumped me my freshman year in college.

1995 was my second year in college. I was in love - big time love. And he totally had my heart. We loved music, movies and each other. But it wasn't grown up love, it didn't last. We were together for three years, but the cracks probably started around the second year we were together - 1995 - the year of "Waiting to Exhale". But one great thing that came out of our break-up - my very best friend (still to this day). We were both dumped the same week. We got through it together.

Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
Everyone falls in love sometime, Sometimes it's wrong, and sometimes it's right
For every win, someone must fail But there comes a point when When we exhale (yeah, yeah, say)
Shoop, shoop, shoop Shoop be doop, shoop, shoop
Sometimes you'll laugh, Sometimes you'll cry
Life never tells us, the when's or why's. When you've got friends, to wish you well
You'll find your point when You will exhale (yeah, yeah, say)
Hearts are often broken When there are words unspoken
In your soul there's answers to your prayers If you're searching for a place you know
A familiar face, somewhere to go You should look inside yourself You're halfway there
Sometimes you'll laugh Sometimes you'll cry
Life never tells us, the when's or why's When you've got friends, to wish you well
You'll find your point when You will exhale (yeah, yeah, say)

Onto my current love...the 2000's to present. These weren't Whitney's best years, as we all know, so it's hard for me to pick one for hubby. He's just the lucky one that gets to see me dance around and lip-sync to Tuesday night's episode over and over again and peer at me in wonder (this happened last night actually). I guess you could say he's my "Greatest Love of All" for putting up with me for so long!

By the way, here's my favorite performance from Tuesday night. I love some Blaine! He's so fierce!

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  1. I loved the Bodyguard soundtrack. I think I know all of those songs by heart.

  2. I love all those songs! Mariah Carey is another one, I love! Remember "I can't live, if living is without you'? OK, I'm breaking out into song now.


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