Monday, March 26, 2012


My mom said she always hated her freckles, those little dots that covered her arms and face whenever the sun would come out.

She always told me my freckles were kisses from the sun.

Walker has inherited this trait, and I commented on how cute they were last week.

He responded that he had been "growing his freckles" that day and they were "growing pretty fast". Then of course, I had to explain where freckles come from and I told him they were kisses from the sun, just like my mom told me.

Now I get to look at those cute freckles every time someone calls since he managed to set my phone background with this picture...

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  1. Lol, that's too cute. And I look your mother's explanation of them :)

  2. Love this pic! And my oldest has become obsessed with her freckles too!

  3. Walker, I really LOVE your freckles!!! Luc across the street has them and he thinks they are terrific! he says that his are angel kisses and that he must be pretty special because he has so many. maybe you both can compare.
    Can't wait to see you! xoxo mama

  4. Just darling!

    Like your mom, I grew up hating my freckles; I couldn't be happier about 'em now and am proud to say my son is already a member of the club too.


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