Friday, February 10, 2012


Have you seen that new show "My Cat From Hell" on Animal Planet? Although Reese looks so angelic here, we could seriously use help from Jackson Galaxy (The Cat Whisperer) in our house. 

My best friend refers to him as the Devil Cat. 
As in, "Hey, is that Devil Cat of yours still alive? When is it going to die?"

He doesn't like people too much. Really doesn't like my mom. He hisses at her when she comes around. And he once chased a friend of ours out of the house when he came over to feed him when we were out of town. 

And don't put him up against a dog. He would probably take em any day. 

He has mellowed a little in his older years. The last couple of weeks, he's actually started sleeping at the foot of the bed instead of in the closet. He really can be sweet, but I think he mostly just chooses not to. 

Reese actually sat still long enough for me to take his picture the other night. Fifteen years old and I've finally captured some good pics of him. 

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  1. Reese is getting skinny!

  2. Aww! Well at least he has a lot of personality! He just shows his love in a different way:)

  3. you would never know it from these pictures. he's such a pretty little guy!

  4. I remember the time he hissed at us when we were eating shrimp fondue! Glad he's never directed it at me :)


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