Monday, February 13, 2012

Boy Valentines

If you have a son like me, he's pretty weary of the whole Valentine's day thing, so something mushy just isn't gonna fly. He's in that stage when any mention of a girl embarrasses him to no end.

And if you are like me, you'd prefer not to buy the pre-made character Valentines in the store just because you need another excuse to get your craft on. In fact, I've avoided the Valentine aisles completely to avoid the tug-of-war that could ensue if Walker were to see the Star Wars section.

After some pinning and searching on good old Pinterest, I finally landed on the perfect idea for a Valentine via Dandee Designs - bugs, jars and hearts. She has a template for the jars posted on this link, but I made mine a little larger so I could add two bugs. I actually picked the bugs up in the party favor section at Wal-mart, so they aren't hard to find at all.

Check them out, officially Walker tested and approved...

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  1. I love it! Next year Owen will copy Walker :-) This year, we found a cute idea via Pinterest to use glow sticks with cutout hearts that say "You make my heart glow" a bit gushy, but he was okay with it b/c he said the boys would like the glow stick. Boys are funny.

  2. Wendy, you never cease to ammaze me!!

  3. Super cute idea! If my kids were still exchanging Valentine's I would have made these for the boys! Congrats on a great concept!


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