Thursday, January 19, 2012

Southern Sayings Series

Now that's a mouth-full!

I had some requests to add another piece to the southern sayings series, to make three that could be framed side-by-side. Mike and I brainstormed a good "southernism" and finally landed on "I'm Fixin To". A very common saying in the south for sure!

It's now available in the shop as a individual print, or you can buy the whole set of three southern sayings! Would look adorable framed beside each other in a hallway, bathroom, kitchen - pretty much anywhere!!

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  1. I wish I was from the south and that I could say all those cute things! xo

  2. Could you make me an I Do Declare! one???

  3. just got around to looking through my december southern living. so exciting to see a fellow blogger get some recognition!!!

  4. AS a transplant from the south, I really enjoyed this post!!! Thanks!


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