Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Past

Enjoy them while they're little...they grow up so fast.
I'm scared belief in Santa will not much longer last.

That twinkle in their eye, that giggle and that smile -
Christmas is so magical, especially with a child.

Before you came, the holidays were simply about me.
But through the joy you bring, I can clearly see.

I no longer make lists of stuff I think I need,
But load my cart with gifts for which I've heard you plead.

It is true what they say, and you've probably heard it too,
 But I never had such fun at Christmas before you.

Christmas through your eyes is so much more exciting,
And never will I hope in Santa we'll be doubting.

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  1. This is just lovely. The only thing missing is a picture of Wendy. Merry Christmas to you, Mike and Walker.

  2. The time is so fleeting as they grow so quickly! Love your Christmas photos!!!! Merry Christmas!


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