Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Shoe I Seek

Dear Mystical Makers of the Wonders That Are A Shoe:

I seek a comforting sole, perfect for daily use, for carrying me hither and yonder. My budget doth not allow the expense of a shoe that cost more than my monthly car payment, as it shall be.

But alas, I say that feminine foundation that I seek cannot be found, not even in the illustrious halls of Nordstrom, my dependable and ever-so-resourceful typical provider of which I seek.

No, when I go through these doors, I see the likes of which I am unsure of - are these items created for women of their child-bearing years and others like me? Have I taken a misstep in the fashion timeline, and missed the point at which we began dressing like women working on the streets. Yes, it is the oldest occupation, but must we reference this line of work for our fashion inspiration?

Nay, I shall not be forced to wear 4-inch heels to walk my child into school, shop at the grocer or sit at my desk. When one is already 5ft 8inches tall, I do not require the additional height that Jessica Simpson needs in a shoe. Neither shall I succumb to the other choices which remind me of that which was worn in the fields of lore, ancient times, and by my grandmother.

As being blessed with chunky, spunky shins, the latest offerings of the boot variety do nothing for my needs. Leather, you see, does not stretch THAT much.

So, dear shoe gods - what shall I do? What sources should I seek?

I remain barefoot and await your response,

Shoeless in the South
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  1. You crack me up and I so agree! Get thee to! :)

  2. Ha ha! I've always been awful about shoes. I just went with what was plain & cheap, usually for less than $5 on clearance at K-mart.

    My mother was embarrassed. A few years ago she gave me some birthday money & I decided to find some cute shoes in her honor.

    I found a pair of black ballet flats with little leather bows on the toes. At first I hated them because they hurt my feet & I couldn't wear socks with them, but they turned out to be a treasure.

    I wish you the best on your shoe seeking journey!


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