Monday, September 26, 2011

Faith & Film: Toy Story

You may wonder how these items relate.

I did too when Pastor Benji said he would be doing a sermon series on Faith and Film this Fall. But after attending church yesterday, I totally got it.

Yesterday was one of those mornings I wanted to sleep in, snuggle in the bed for a while, watching Disney Channel with Walker. But I really wanted to see how Pastor Benji was going to make Toy Story (which I've probably seen a hundred times) into a message. After listening to this, you'll see why I'm so glad I did drag myself out of bed. I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.

Let's just say I'm walking around with God on the bottom of my shoe.

I've said it before - New Hope Church is an awesome place if you're looking for a church! You can attend in person, or even attend the online campus Sunday nights at 7:00pm. The church is doing so well, the three sermon sessions at the central campus fill up almost every week and they've had to add another "coffee house" worship session upstairs to fit more people in the building!
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  1. I go to newhope too, and was also wondering how this message series would work...I am loving it!

    I may even have to rent IronMan to see the rest of the film.


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