Friday, August 19, 2011

Pinnable Me Friday: Tapestry Rug

I only have one pin to share today, but it is so awesome, it will be enough...

I saw this amazing rug/wall tapestry on Pinterest last week and I haven't been able to get it off my mind. I mean, it looks amazing, and if you look at the tutorial here, it sounds pretty easy.

And of course, I was like - duh, I can do that. So my neighbor and I trekked it over to Michael's last Sunday for their 25% off everything in the store sale and I stocked up on rope (yarn), string and a gazillion pom poms.

I sat down and started my first pinwheel (that's what I'm gonna call them) and it took me a while to get into the groove. But, after about an hour or so, I had this...

And then about an hour later, I finished the first circle, cut it off the cardboard template, and it fell apart. All that work for nothing. And then I realized I totally bought the wrong type of colored cord. See, I decided I would be smart and buy the plastic cord that you use to make kids necklaces and things because it would stretch. Too bad it stretched so much, it balled up into something that resembled a little hat when I cut the cords.

So, I took another trip to the crafty store this week. I'm hoping I bought the right stuff this time. I'm gonna give it another go this weekend and maybe I'll make some progress.

So what do you think? Worth the effort? Do you think it's as cool as I do?

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