Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Halloween, How I Love Thee...

Maybe it's because orange is such a great color, maybe because there's lots and lots of candy involved - whatever it is - I love Halloween. My sister loves it as much as me (possibly more) but I'm not really sure why were are Halloween freaks - we just are. Case in point...

My sis and I - Halloween 2010

I grew up in a small town, and my mother taught at an elementary school that would throw the best Halloween carnival every year - complete with an old building converted into a haunted house. And funny enough, we used to have a big Halloween carnival at our Southern Baptist church every year too (now they have a fall festival). All of the kids at church would play games for hours - bobbing for apples, cake walks, fishing - all in good fun. Then we'd go on a real hay ride up and down the curvy country roads, with the smell of fall all around us.

My sister and I would go trick-or-treating every year (until she got too old and I had to do it alone), but we'd have to go door-to-door via car since no one really lived close to us (aka, the country). My grandmother would always have a special treat for us at her house which was always the highlight of my night.

Now with my little guy, I love decorating and all the trick-or-treating festivities. Living in an actual neighborhood, the kids get together and walk to the houses and knock on doors and we force them to say "trick or treat" even though they are sometimes shy or scared. The neighbors laugh at the costumes and children walk up and down the street all night, in search of more candy. Last year we had a haunted front porch and I made cupcakes for the neighborhood kids - it was a hit. You can read more about it here.

2010 Haunted Front Porch
2010 Haunted Front Porch

I haven't decided how I'm going to decorate the house this year - but I've got some ideas up my sleeve! I saw today that Mrs. Limestone is ready for Halloween too! She throws the BEST Halloween parties every year - can't wait to see what she has planned! And it makes me feel better that other people love Halloween as much as me!

One huge trend I've seen pop up in several different places is the white trend - which is a totally new and fresh approach to Halloween. I can't wait to get a copy of Matthew Mead's Autumn edition featuring a white Halloween!  Oh if only my budget were unlimited!!!

Are you guys in the Halloween spirit yet? Where do you look for ideas and inspiration?
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  1. I love Halloween too. I have an entire Halloween village (from the same makers as my Christmas village) that I put out each year. I'm a teacher so I love to decorate my classroom and wear my holiday attire.

  2. i *lurve* halloween. my mama loves it too and decorates like crazy so it must be in my blood.

    it's not too far away!

  3. Fun post, Miss Wendy! I am an all white decor fanatic, thus, all holiday decorations are white with color as an accent.....I really enjoy your writing style...Have a great week!


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