Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Mommy Cards from Minted

I know a couple of other bloggers have posted about this deal, but I wanted to share with my readers as well!

Minted is currently offering 25 free mommy cards until September 23. I jumped on this offer last week and my cards came today! How cute are they??? I plan on using them to give to moms when Walker goes on playdates or give to moms of new friends at school to schedule playdates!

I decided to go with the title "Walker's Mom" - cause that's a proud title to carry!
(phone number is intentionally blurred out)

How to get your free cards.

Go get them while you can!!! Click on the Minted logo to go directly to the website!

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  1. Nice! Love yours! Thanks for sharing - as I told you on fb, I'm fresh out!

  2. Good morning from Los Angeles!

    What sweet cards~and it's good to be proud of being a Mama. I bet your little one is proud to have you as his mom as well. I'm going to have to grab some while I can! With my little guy entering a 3 year old program this year, I'm sure a playdate or two is in his future.

    Have a lovely September first!




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