Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And Off We Go...

Today was "Meet the Teacher" day at school and I think I was more nervous than Walker. We gathered all the school supplies, piled in the car, and took off on the adventure called first grade.

Walker was thrilled to be seeing his friends again, getting his very own desk and being in class with his very favorite friend Sydney. As we walked through the doors to school, I felt a sense of calm, so different from last year - when we arrived for kindergarten. I found myself looking forward to seeing friends I hadn't seen all summer - parents, teachers and kids - and was pleasantly surprised when the butterflies floated away and I felt like an old pro. I bet those moms with their third and fourth children entering school could walk through this process in their sleep.

But to me, it's no simple feat, sending my little guy off to first grade. It's another milestone crossed off, another exciting step towards growing up. I choose to celebrate every single moment and not be sad because it's passed.

Tonight, Walker could barely control his excitement. He was practically bouncing off the walls. While taking his bath, I reminded him of the school rules "listen to teachers", "do what they say the first time"...and as I repeated them, he'd look at me, say "yes mommie", and give me a peck on the lips. He's such a charmer - I love that little guy. He keeps us laughing, keeps us young, keeps us going and keeps us always looking forward to what's next!

Watch out first grade, here we come!

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  1. awww, this brought tears to my eyes. LOVE the pic!


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