Monday, August 1, 2011

Accessories: One Size Fits All

Do you ever find yourself drooling over the latest accessories in Anthropologie or sucked in by the bright bling at Nordstrom only to shrivel up a little bit inside when you see the price tag? That price tag is for costume jewelry people - it's not even the real thing!!!! Sometimes you could probably buy a whole outfit at Ann Taylor Loft with what you'd spend on a great-looking necklace at Anthro.

Good thing accessories don't come in sizes, because I've found the next best thing to the Nordstrom accessory counter - the Nordstrom junior accessory section.

Think about it - teenagers and college kids these days have a fashion sense that's beyond their years. Heck, when I was in college, I wore sweats and a t-shirt to class. Forget J.Crew and all that. No makeup, ponytail up - not even a shower.

But these kids have style and Nordstrom knows it. But they also know that these kids don't have a budget like their older consumers, so the prices are much better. I got busy with my iPhone camera last week in Nordstrom to show some of the goodies they have right now. I picked up a pair of the cute little silver and colored studs (first pic) in yellow for only $8.00 and the fun yellow bracelet below was only $16!

Another great option is Urban Outfitters. They have the cutest little accessories and although I don't think their prices are as good as the Nordstrom junior department, they are still cheaper than the originals.

What about you guys? Ever checked out the junior department or found any other great places for cheap, fun and funky accessories?
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  1. I get earrings + necklaces from Forever 21 ALL the time!

  2. I noticed that TJ Maxx and Forever 21 were mentioned quite often in "ladies magazines" this month. ShopSmart has a feature on "Cheap chic". If anyone sees some navy beads in a long necklace, please post! I've looked and looked!

  3. We were at Nordstrom at Southpoint last week (visiting Chapel Hill) and my girls bought several pieces of jewelry from the junior department. I also picked up a couple of scarves there that are great with clothes I already had!


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