Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nordstrom Deal: Rainbow of Cardigans!

Just had to tell you guys really quick about a great find I came across last night at Nordstrom. This awesome slub knit cardigan in tons of colors is only $29 and it looks great dressed up or down! I picked up one in the mustard color (I prefer to call it Sunshine) and I'm seriously contemplating picking up a couple more in some other fun colors!

Get them while the gettin is good (as they say in the South!)

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  1. They have this one kind I am obsessed with but I get them at nordstrom rack. I hate I cannot think of the brand right now but they also have them online.

  2. Oh my! This would be perfect for my ahem, post-baby body in November! I want to cover up but look cute...thank you SO much for sharing :)


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