Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July Already?

We're halfway through the year, halfway to Christmas if you think about it. July is when summer truly kicks in, and also my birthday month. It's the one month not touched by school (if you on a traditional calendar) and growing up July was truly summer to me. My birthday, the 16th of July, was the high point of the year, everything else rolled downhill into back-to-school shopping, chilly fall nights, Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas.

We spent last week at the beach, and I unplugged, as I often do when I'm on vacay, so I missed some blog posts and some Twitter happenings, but I'll be plugged back in today.

But I'm glad to be back, into a routine, into my own bed and into the swing of things. Although this was a pretty great day...

So up this week - it's my birthday (I think I said this already, did I? It's birthday week actually.), boss is in town at work, photo session for my little guy with one of my fave local photographers and sweet friend and I'm sure I'm forgetting something...

Summer is flying by and so are the days. Saturday I'll be 36, it's my birthday, if you didn't know. I'm asking hubs for tickets to Adele. Rather, I'll be using our check card to purchase them on behalf of my birthday on the 22nd when they go on sale and tell him they are my birthday present. A girl's gotta take things into her own hands once in a while.

Stay tuned...
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  1. You are too funny! But you are right, some times we gotta take things into our own hands... including B-day presents. :) Happy Birthday Week!

    Linen & Verbena

  2. Love the birthday present! That's right- take charge and get what you want! :)

  3. Happy early birthday & Adele purchasing! Sometimes a lady has to take matters into her own credit-card clutching hands...


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