Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jewelry Organization and What Not

I'm sad to say that my homemade jewelry board has officially seen its last days. Way back (two years ago actually), I created this jewelry board to provide some sort of order to all of my sparkle and stuff.

It was a great place to hang my earrings and necklaces and the first place I went when I walked in the door at night to hang everything on when I changed into my comfy clothes. Two days ago, the hanger broke off and it came crashing to the floor, and almost everything fell off. I'm taking that as a sign to create something new!

Mike and I have separate vanity areas, but neither are very large, so there's not a lot of counter space. The drawers are also pretty small, so the best solution for me is to find a way to use the wall space in the area.  My goal isn't "Wall-O-Jewelry" so I want it to be fairly compact and not cover a huge space. So, I hit up the Internet for some inspiration.

You can check out more ideas on my Pinterest Board too.

What do you use for jewelry storage? Which one do you like best?
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  1. Check these out! Definitely on my wish list:

  2. Great ideas...I love the chicken wire on the back of a frame!

  3. I have jewelery storage all over the place. Little bowls in the bathroom, a tree of life stand in the spare room and a wrought iron mannequin in my bedroom, not to mention my actual jewerly box. I like having my stuff visible but it's good to remember that silver oxidizes in the air, so keeping it in a airtight bag is always best.


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