Monday, July 25, 2011

How Shall I Ever Choose...

My friend Corey recently took some pics of Walker in downtown Durham. It was a hot an sticky day, but we had a blast. It was the first professional photo session Walker had experienced since he was three. You'd think he'd be used to having a camera in his face with me as his mom, but it took him a little while to come out of his shell and open up. I was worried that Corey wasn't getting any shots because he wouldn't look at the camera, but I should have known with her talent, she'd get the shot. In fact, she got so many great shots, I don't know how I'll pick!

She's met Walker before, but never spent an extensive amount of time with him, but her description on her blog post about the session nailed him "...super super spunky, have a million faces and love to laugh. Wendy, her husband Mike, and I took Walker downtown to get some shots.  Her goal was some fun photos of him and boy did we have fun.  This guy is full of vim and vigor.  I’ll save my favorite for last – his “beggin’ face!”

This is Walker's begging face. And in his words, "If you beg, you can get anything you want." That especially
works well with Nana and he knows it!

If you're in the Durham/Chapel Hill area and looking for a great photographer, check out Corey Williams - she is amazingly talented!
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  1. Beautiful images! I just recently did the same with my 9 year old son at a tobacco field in Wendell. My son was not thrilled at first, as many of the first shots are are him with tears streaming down his face but eventually he warmed up & we got some great shots that I will treasure. These photos are priceless in a mommys eye!


  2. Great pictures! I love the 3rd one!

  3. These pictures turned out just wonderful. The 3rd photo is by far my favorite!

  4. I like the black and white pic.


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