Friday, June 17, 2011

Pinnable Me Friday - Creepy, Cute and Ecelctic

This is my first Pinnable Me Friday, and you guys know I love Pinterest, so I'm pumped! am linking up with Stefanie from Paw Prints and Pastry Bags to show you my favorite things from Pinterest this week.

Instead of doing pictures of houses, rooms, clothing, etc., I decided to go all original on you guys and show you a board  I did recently, featuring cephalopods - or octopi's, to you and me!

Seems like everywhere I look lately, they are showing up - from clothing to home decor! Sometimes they can be creepy, sometimes eclectic and sometimes cute!

What do you think about using an octopus in your bathroom...

In your living room...

To carry your stuff...

For a party...


Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

As jewelry...

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

So what do you think of this new trend? Love them in all of their 8-legged originality or do they remind you of the Kracken for Pirates of the Caribbean?
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  1. Not quite sure if I would wear something with an octopus on it quite yet, but I really like the shower curtain actually.

  2. O my goodness I love the punch bowl idea


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