Friday, May 20, 2011

Simply Succulent

I certainly don't have a green thumb (Mike is typically the keeper of life when it comes to plants around here), but I do love to work in my yard and now that we've been here five years, I really look forward to spring and seeing all of my plants come back to life.

I've noticed a trend lately in magazines, online, etc., using succulents to decorate indoor and outdoor rooms, so being the trendy thing I am, I had to give it a try. And I figure since these little suckers don't require much attention, maybe I can keep them alive?

Last weekend I hit up the local Lowes and picked out a couple of cute little guys, then went to a garden center to buy some not-so-generic plants to give my succulent arrangement a little originality. Next challenge was to find something to plant them in. Everything I saw in Lowes was too big, too deep or too expensive, same with the garden store. Every once in a while I'll find a good planter at True Value, so I stopped by on the way home and found the perfect planter - shallow and under five bucks!

Then all it took was a little dirt (free from my yard!!!) and I made this cute little arrangement. I was so excited about my project, a little rain couldn't even keep me from it. Now, if I could only decide where I want to put it...

...and can you guess what our next project is this weekend???? Painting that awful deck!!!!
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  1. I love it!! There is something about those puffy plants that is so crisp and spring! My son and I just planted a miniature garden using these and some cute accessories from Hive for the Home. Check it out Awesome post...even if you have a hard time keeping it sure can put it together! ;)

  2. I love succulents! Such a pretty arrangement!


    p.s. I have a dress giveaway going on now!!

  3. I love your arrangement of the succulents. They are some of my favorite plants. I recently saw some planted in a huge seashell. LOVED IT! Now I want to go buy some. :)

  4. They look awesome! I did the same thing...went to Lowes and bought some succulents! I am loving them right now. I love, love how full your pot is though. It looks great!

  5. No green thumb required, you say? NICE! I swear, you make everything you touch look pretty. Good job!

  6. they look great Wendy! I just put some in a strawberry pot- the ones with several different holes- and they are cute too.


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