Thursday, May 26, 2011

Need a Father's Day Card?

I'm one of those people that really doesn't enjoy heading to the local card store to pick out the best-fitting generic card for my loved ones for special holidays. Therefore, I typically wait till the last minute and have to weave myself between the other last-minute card pickers and reach for the ones that actually have matching envelopes left and kinda sound like something I may say in my most emotional and sappy moment.

So, when I had the chance to order several custom cards for Mother's Day through Tiny Prints to try out their custom card services, I jumped at the opportunity.

Luckily, I'd managed to get all three of my mom's grandsons together at Easter and had some great pics to use on my cards for Mother's Day. I scrolled through the choices online, loaded up my pics and edited the text as I needed and I was done! I opted to have the cards mailed to me, then I sent them along to my mother, grandmother and mother-in-law, but they do offer the option to mail them directly to the recipient straight from the site! How cool is that???

My mom loved hers so much, she's been carrying it around with her in her purse to show off her grandkids. The quality and color of the cards are amazing and they are one-of-a-kind originals!

So, of course I'll be ordering my Father's Day cards from Tiny Prints as well! Now, I just have to decide which one to choose!

*Tiny Prints provided me three free custom cards to try out their services and I'm so glad they did!

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  1. what a cute idea! Now all i need is the kiddos!

    -Heather from


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