Monday, May 9, 2011

Five Dollar Find

There are the occasional days when it feels like I've hit the jackpot, that the stars all aligned and I was caught doing something good.
I had one of those days last weekend when I decided I'd get up and drag myself two blocks over to check out the junk at the neighborhood yard sale. I had all intentions of getting up at the crack of dawn in case there was something good there, but I stayed up all night the evening before watching wedding Royal Wedding coverage. 

I almost didn't even go, but something was just telling me to take the five minutes to swing by.

I'd just decided about a week before that I was going to get rid of a huge, old chair in my bedroom and find a desk that could sit in its place. This way, I'd have one desk downstairs, and one up. And no more nights of me sitting in the bed with the laptop.
And lo and behold, I drove up to the yard sale around 10:30 and found this beauty. But even more beautiful - the price. It was labeled for sale for five dollars because of the broken drawer. Heck, I can superglue that sucker together and not even use it for that kind of money. 

I immediately told the kind folks that I wanted it and they were thrilled to get it out of their house and into my car. This thing is real wood and it took three men to pick it up and Mike and I almost died getting it upstairs. (Argument ensued because he took every single picture off my stair gallery wall and it took me forever to figure out where they went, but we got over it.)

Sure, it needs some lovin, and all that will come in due time, but for five dollars, I just couldn't pass it up. Isn't she a beauty? I feel lucky I found her.

*And yes, that's Justin Beiber on the iPad. We have nightly dance parties via the vidoes on Vevo. Don't judge.
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  1. I thought my $10 dresser was a great deal and here you go showing me up! BTW I think they match, lol!

  2. I just got an old desk for a steal TOO-- cannot WAIT to make it pretty and NEW! Mine isn't fancy pants solid wood like yours though! ENJOY!!

  3. Lucky you! ... love the desk.
    :^) hugz ..Betty

  4. Great find!!! Please post the after pics.


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