Monday, April 18, 2011

Star Wars Party Highlights

So the fabulous Star Wars Skating Party weekend finally arrived for us, along with torrential rain, tornadoes and wind. But thankfully, all were kept safe and sound as we traveled back and forth for the party.

Walker woke up Saturday morning with a smile on his face and a skip in his step. We'd stayed up the evening before putting the finishing touches on his Star Wars cake. He served as the creative director as I showed him images online of other cakes for inspiration. We landed on a blue cake with a cute little Yoda on top. (I may or may not have an alien crush on Yoda).

I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of commercially-branded birthday parties, so I could only get so creative when it came to Star Wars.One great idea I found online was homemade light sabers from pool noodles, duck tape and electrical tape. These were a big hit with the kids as they used them to beat up each other, as well as our visitor, Darth Vader himself.

The visit from Vader was a surprise, and the look on Walker's face when he walked in was priceless. I had a work friend that had a costume and he is a big Star Wars fan, so he volunteered to show up! It was awesome.

The kids beat up on each other a bit, then time for cake and ice cream! The facility we were at didn't allow any food to be brought in except for a cake, so I had to make do with just putting green food coloring in the Sprite to make Yoda Soda, but the kids loved it.

Walker blew out his candles, then the kids were given their gift bags and bracelets to skate the afternoon away in the rink! Mike actually stayed up the night before helping me glitter and glue the tiny light sabers on the gift bags. It's certainly something I don't think he'd ever imagined he would be doing in his lifetime! 

All in all, I think it was a great success!

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  1. I love the invite and the favor bag labels - very cute!

  2. you are ridiculously the coolest mommy party planner around... loving the green yoda soda idea, invite and favors... and if I may say so, Yoda is kinda cute!

  3. You totally win the Coolest Mom Prize - Star Wars on Skates? Pool noodle light sabers? Yoda soda? Yes yes yes!


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