Monday, April 25, 2011

Boys and Girls

Star Wars and Bakugan vs. Cinderella and Snow White. 
Oh the difference in boys and girls.
Rambunctious, but kind, he's still learning self control. 
God bless the teachers at his school, the patience they have.
All boy, all sports, all the time. And he never tires.
He's tough, but not too tough to still give mommie a kiss...
and maybe a little snuggle here and there.
 He loves Justin Beiber, grits, lacrosse, golf, soccer,
basketball and football.

Hates to brush his teeth, wants to wear gel in his hair
and I've finally convinced him there are other
clothes out there besides athletic attire.
He loves his Rainbow flip flops, spends most of his
evenings with the kids in the neighborhood
and is a huge fan of iCarly and Spongebob.
He is my little cutie pie.
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  1. I love this post!! So cute. He'll love this someday!


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