Thursday, April 7, 2011

15 Original Works of Art

When we first started planning the Kidzu Gala, I think I was most excited about the live auction. The lots we've put together are amazing and the excitement of a live auction is thrilling for anyone to watch!

But slowly but surely, the paintings and pieces have started to come in for the silent art auction and the items are truly amazing.

We are now up to 15 original works of art, including an amazing piece by Jane Filer that I would kill to have hanging in my house and some pretty cute art submitted by the same artists that have a piece on Grey's Anatomy next week!

I like to play around with the brush now and again myself, so I took my current obsession with flag buntings and created a cute piece perfect for a fun family room or little girl's room. I hope someone buys it! I've titled it "Bunting Birdies".

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  1. That is so cute! I'm helping a friend decide a theme for a baby's room that will be gender neutral and I love this. Wish you had two!

  2. How adorable! Good luck with the auction.

  3. That is seriously fantastic! Adorable. Love the colors.

  4. Does that have to be for kids? I like it for me!

  5. The Snider Family thinks that painting is awesome!

  6. Love that! It's beautiful, Wendy - you're so talented!


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