Thursday, March 31, 2011

Working It

Hey you guys! I'm in Phoenix for work this week! Lovely weather, no humidity, loving it! Dinners at night and long booth hours, so not much time to blog, but will be back soon!

Couple of quick things:
- Plane rides sometimes make me want to grab that little white bag in the pocket in front of me
- My fingers are already swollen from eating too much bad food on the road
- I love a hotel, especially one with a great view and a king bed
- Downtown Phoenix is not very exciting - what am I missing?
- My feet hurt from too many hours on the booth
- I'm away from my little guy and hubs for five days, which is so hard, but Nana is there taking care of things in my absence
- West coast time is getting to me. I can't figure out what time of day it is out here.

Going to bed now. It's 3:04 east coast time and whatever Jimmy Kimmel just went off west coast time. Good night.
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  1. oh, I (we) would love to be in AZ right now! I hope you have a great trip! I love staying at hotels too :) Something fun and relaxing about it :) Hope you get to relax and have some fun too!


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