Monday, March 21, 2011

True Bieber Fever

I don't think I've ever mentioned on the blog that my sports-loving son also takes a boys hip hop dance class on Fridays at Dance Theatre South in Durham.

One of his friends was going to take the class and his mom was willing to pick Walker up and take him too, so I said, sure, why not? Something different for him to do on Fridays instead of hanging out in after school.

It's actually become one of the things he looks forward to the most on Fridays. Even better, they are doing a Justin Bieber remix for their recital number, and Walker loves Justin Bieber (did I mention I have the fever too after seeing the movie?). All the more reason to have the perfect costumes of purple hoodies and NY Yankee caps right?

Mike is horrified that his son is taking dance class, but I assured him that 1) Walker will not be dressing like this in public (although he's worn the hat out a couple of times because he likes it so much) 2) Athletes take dance classes for balance (don't they?) and 3) It helps with coordination.

Check out the attitude. Justin Bieber, you've got some competition coming for ya.

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  1. And, not to mention that someday he'll be a husband who might have a bit a rythmn.! And, that is priceless! I wish my husband enjoyed dancing more.

  2. This. Is. Awesome.

    I have a feeling he will despise those photos one day. Which makes this even more awesome!

  3. I would love for my children to take dance classes, or get involved any way possible! I love the attitude those boys are giving! :) It's great!

    Cori @

  4. Love the pics!! The second one is Walker for sure!!!

  5. What doesn't that adorable little boy do? so cute!!

  6. Lynn Swann, NFL Hall of Fame-er, took ballet! Your husband has nothing to worry about with a couple of hip hop classes. How fun!

    By the way, just discovered your blog & love it.


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