Thursday, March 24, 2011

Text Me.

My husband is a bit older than me. Well, let's just say it - 17 years older than me - but I'm a bit of an old soul, so it works for us.

One thing we've never seemed to link up on is technology. Since I'm in marketing, and we marketers are always looking for the newest thing to get the word out and get people to buy, buy, buy, I'm typically an early adopter when it comes to new things.

I walk around the house with my iPad, Blackberry (we no longer have a home phone), laptop, Rebel camera, Flip camera, etc. and most of the time he just ignores me. Actually, most of the time I'm not even using the stuff, just carrying them either up or downstairs or looking for one of the fifty million charges for each device because I have a dead battery and cannot ever find the darn things (I digress).

So when my hippie husband - child of the 50s, teen of the seventies - decided he wanted a cell phone several years ago, I was thrilled. Soon, I couldn't separate him from the thing.

Then, he saw how cool my Blackberry was,  now he has his own.

This week, he's realized the power of the text. He can communicate with me, his students, his mom, and never actually talk to anyone on the phone. For someone that can't stand to spend more than three minutes at a time on a phone speaking with someone, this is a huge discovery.  This morning, when he kissed me goodbye, he said the three words every woman wants to hear from their husband "I'll text you."

While I applaud his willingness to catch up to the modern day, I am a bit worried I may never receive a real phone call from him again.

Stay tuned.
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  1. Too cute! My husband has YET to understand how to check/send texts or voice messages.

  2. I hope he will text his little sister. I miss him!!!

  3. Jamie is only 4 years older than me, but he didn't have a cell phone until I was pregnant with Caitlyn and I forced him to get one. When we got a plan with free texting he started slow, but now loves it! He doesn't even have a phone with a keyboard which would drive me INSANE. Now if I could only get him to answer when I call...

  4. I love this post, absolutely hysterical! Sounds like he is completely hooked on texting!

  5. FUNNY!

    I wish more people would text. Sometimes it's just easier than making a phone call! :))


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