Friday, March 18, 2011

Be Not Afraid of Color

I love wearing color.

In fact, just today I wore green twill J Crew slacks with an orange Lands End Canvas button-up sweater and a muti-colored, jewel-toned Anthropologie necklace with my leopard print Dankos. Seriously - I know it sounds like a crazy person put me together this morning, but it made me happy. Plus, I certainly had the green thing going on.

I had three comments about my "colorful attire" before I got out of the elevator this morning.

So obviously, I'm not afraid to wear color. One of the reasons I love Boden and Anthropologie is because their clothing is so colorful. Talbots, another popular mall favorite that would typically fall into the "drab" category, is bringing it this spring with lots of color. If you look at the current selections on Gap, J Crew,  Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, etc., right now - everything looks so drab, basic and boring (in my opinion) - and black.

Now, I love to wear black too, but I always throw in a pop of color if I can. It just seems to lift my spirits. Plus, I don't buy into that whole black makes you look skinnier thing. But maybe I should?

Current color obsession: yellow. Specifically, I really want some yellow shoes.I don't even know if I have anything that would go with a pair of yellow shoes, but they just look so darn fun.

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  1. I realized yesterday, when looking for a green, St. Patty's Day shirt, that I don't have any color in my closet! I am guilty of wearing black, browns, whites, and ocassionally reds all the time. I need to 'spring' it up too! I love those earrings by the way...thanks for the inspiration! Time to go shopping!

    Cori @

  2. i wore yellow yesterday, and got lots of comments. yellow is such a happy, bright, fun color. reminds me of the sun.

  3. I am a color loving girl, too! That is the main reason I harbot a good deal of Lilly Pulitzer love in my heart.

    BTW, I picked up a cute pair of yellow shoes last week...I am sure there is an outfit out there calling their name! LOL

    Glad to know I am not the only one in the color club!


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