Friday, February 4, 2011


I don’t typically do posts on random things, but my mind is racing this week, so I’m hoping if I put them down in front of me, it will help stop the craziness in my head. That and the drugs, of course.
  •  I’m still in love with my new church. We’ve been twice now and I’m already looking forward to going back this Sunday. I’ve never felt this way about church before and it’s exciting yet scary at the same time. I’m not sure why I’m scared, but maybe it’s because I’m getting closer to God and that’s an exciting but scary thing for anyone to experience, I would think. Oh, and I think the pastor there is a rock star, really. And Mike is as excited, which thrills me more than you could ever understand. Here’s a pic from last week’s service. They rock it out.

  • Walker missed four days of school this week because he was sick. That makes for  a rough week for everyone. I worked from home two days this week, Mike watched him one day and I had to call in the troops yesterday (Nana) to come help. I feel so helpless when he feels bad, and so glad he’s back to normal. But even when he’s sick, he’s got a great sense of humor. Wednesday night he looked up at me and said, “Mommie, I think the devil made sick. Don't you think so?” I didn't really even know how to answer that one.
  • I’m obsessed with my iPad. Seriously, I do everything on it now. I watch movies, check e-mail, Facebook, play games, read books, use recipes when I’m cooking, keep my calendar on it and Walker loves it too. We actually fight over whose turn it is to use it. Oprah had MC Hammer on yesterday and they were talking about this cool case that protects the iPad from breaking and turns into a blue-tooth wireless keyboard. How cool is this? It’s called the ZAGGmate and I think it’s totally worth it for $99.
  • I saw this on Dooce’s twitter stream and bawled looking through the photos. It’s one of those things that has stayed with me and I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it last night. I wish there was something I could do to help this addiction epidemic in our nation. I truly think it is the root of so many issues in our society today. THE JULIE PROJECT
  • I’m trying to watch a lot of the Best-Picture nominated movies before the Oscars. So far I’ve seen Inception, The King’s Speech, The Social Network (watched it last night and really liked it), Toy Story 3, The Kids Are All Right. So I have five more to go! I think my favorite so far is The King’s Speech. Love some Colin Firth!
  • As mentioned previously, I’ve been reading more since I can snuggle in my bed with my back lit iPad and read until I fall asleep. No worrying with a book light that runs out of batteries after 15 minutes. Just finished up The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and I’m reading Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin now. Next is The Hangman’s Daughter.
  •  I’ve been cutting carbs and I’ve lost 5lbs so far. It’s not easy, but I really think this is the way to go for me. I’m eating eggs for breakfast, salads for lunch and meat and veggies for dinner. Plus I can still have my Diet Coke, so that’s a huge plus. Speaking of books, I want to read this one too about the low-carb lifestyle. I’ll let you know how it is.
  • One of my goals for this year is to get my skin in good shape. I’m trying all different kinds of new products to get rid of the melasma on my face, help with dark circles under my eyes and make my skin healthier in general. I don’t want to look old and I’m not afraid of resorting to lasers people. This is serious stuff.
  • Do you guys like my new design, courtesy of the one and only Fabulous K?  I think it's pretty fabulous myself. Come out from your Google reader and check it out if you haven't already!

OK, now I got that all off my chest, I feel better. Have a great weekend you guys!
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  1. Glad you emptied your head!!! You are so funny!!!

  2. I am new to your blog but totally glad I stumbled across it! I was so excited to read about your ipad find. I got the hubs one for Christmas but he's struggling with the touchpad. I'm thinking this will make the perfect Vday gift for him, the man loves his gadgets.

    Sorry your little was sick this week. That is definitely no fun! Hope everyone's feeling better!

    Happy weekend,


  3. i could never live without carbs.

    and i'm totally jealous of your ipad. :)

  4. Yes, LOVE the new design! AND Colin Firth.

  5. 1. Poor Walker. Hope he's back to 100% soon.
    2. That book is great!
    3. I'm continually fighting the good fight with my face/skin, too {hello 23 years swimming and lifeguarding} and I do have to say you can't beat microdermabrasions at a spa or dermatologit office. And the greatest thing is you see some results immediately but even more results several months later. I get one about once a month. A light chemical peel is also good.
    4. You're beautiful!

  6. THANK YOU for sharing about The Julie Project.

  7. wow - The Julie project was intense. i'm speechless as a mother.

  8. Hmmm... carb free... maybe I'll try that. Sugar free and low calorie haven't worked for me!

    And that iPad stand? I love it!


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