Monday, February 21, 2011

The Power of Photoshop

To follow up on my announcement that I'm now offering photo editing and the accompanying contest, below you'll see one of the photos I received from a winner, Jill, from Little Miss Mommy.

It's quite a cool photo, here's the description, straight from Jill:

"This photo was taken at my daughters first birthday party.  We wanted a large venue with a cool theme so we chose an event center that used to be an old historic firehouse.  Here is what their website had to say about the piano.  "The Main Firehouse is a large space perfect for all gatherings and features an available wooden dance floor, large firehouse doors with windows and the infamous piano that the Beatles’ George Harrison played on air during his historic Benton visit in 1962." "

So, this picture is actually of her little girl sitting on the actual piano played by a Beatle! How cool is that?

This is how the picture looked when Jill e-mailed it to me...

And this is how it now looks after I did a little Photoshop magic on it! I cleaned up the background , gave the edge a bit of a burn and applied a little antique-looking action to the color. What do you guys think?

So, if you've go a photo you love, but feel like it could be better, e-mail it to me at asuthernaccent at and for only $10.00 I can do some magic to turn it into a even more loveable shot! You can read more details here!

Thanks Jill for sending this pic and congratulations!
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  1. Even more adorable with the editing. Now it's frameworthy!

  2. What a difference! You did an awesome job! I think $10.00 is an awesome deal...I am keeping you in mind!

  3. So talented! I think I might be sending some photos your way - also, any advice on a new camera? (potential blog post for you!) I have an old Kodak, first generation digital, but want to get a new one (technology has changed in 5 years!) What do you use and recommend?


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