Wednesday, February 9, 2011

iTouch Valentine Printable

I showed Walker the iPod Valentines I wanted to make for his class for next week (on the right). He looked at me a little funny. Then I realized that he's probably never even seen this kind of iPod. He doesn't know what a track wheel is and if it doesn't have a touch screen, he probably wouldn't know what to do with it! So I set out on designing an iTouch Valentine to create for his class and share with you guys (on the left)!


1. Print and cut the iTouch template. (if you have Illustrator, etc., edit text on back to customize)
2. Tape or glue to front and back of a conversation heart box
3. Paint sides of conversation heart box black (optional)
4. Cut white string and tape/glue to box, cut and tie on shorter string to longer string to create two ear bud cords.
5. Tape/Glue end of strings to Hershey kisses to create ear buds.
6. Personalize back of iTouch with a written message (optional)
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  1. wendy, this is SO creative! as usual, you rock! did you sandwich a box of conversation hearts between the front and the back of the phone?

  2. I love these!!!!! What a great, non commercial, homemade Valentine!

  3. LOL! Very creative and also hilarious that they don't recognize those ancient IPods!

  4. Seriously so cute!! I am sending you blog love!!!


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