Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just Shoot Me

Yep, I'm adding another side venture to my box of tricks. You may have noticed my new linky on the right side of my home page, maybe not, so I'll bring your attention to it. I've created a new website to showcase my photography. Just click on the picture below to open the site and see more pics!

I've started to get random requests from friends of friends to do photos and since I offer great rates and it gives me a chance to learn, it's a win win for all! I recently was asked to shoot a very small wedding and I didn't have any samples to show, so I set this site up one afternoon over Christmas!

I've still so much to learn about photography and I'm taking a class in February to learn more about my DSLR, so hopefully my pics will continue to improve. I never knew photography could be such a complicated subject!
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  1. Cool shot! You definitely have a great eye!

  2. Love the Ferris Wheel shot! Can't wait to see more pics!


  3. love that....we at Fire Lake Camp love all your ideas....a new blogger thanks for sharing....

  4. I'd like to hire you to send me a touched up pic of my fam at Christmas. :)

  5. I am learning photography (by trial and error) as well! Been working on it for about a year. Best of luck to you!



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