Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't Stop Believing

I've patiently awaited the availability of the iPhone through Verizon. I've watched as my other friends switched providers, gotten their cool new phones with the touchscreens while I clicked away on my Blackberry. I watched them play with their neat little apps while I tried to install Twitter and wait for the hourglass to stop turning so I could actually make a call.

But I love Verizon. I've been with them since college (and that's about 15 years) and their coverage is great, their service is I stuck by them, knowing that they would come through for me in the end.

I love it when a company really gets it marketing right. When a commercial speaks directly to me and I know they've really done their research and care about their target audience.

This one, it's like they've been reading my thoughts. Seriously. I saw this yesterday while painting my son's room and I yelled "Yes! That's me they are talking to!" Mike and Walker just ignored me.

Anyone else have this type of euphoric reaction to this commercial?

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  1. Yes! I'm right there with ya! I've only ever had Verizon (since college, too) and I've been holding out until they got the iPhone. I don't even have a smart phone...that's how old school I am. I can't wait until 2.10.11!

  2. looove it! i had AT&T when I lived in Louisiana and when I moved to SC (6 years ago) I knew I had to switch. So many dropped calls and terrible service. So I made the switch to Verizon in 2004 and haven't looked back. I've had an LG flip phone, the Blackberry Pearl, and now I'm hanging in there with the Blackberry Curve. My parents still have AT&T and have tried to convince me to switch just because of the iPhone, but I knew I could hang in there and wait and be patient. I LOVE Verizon and no iPhone could make me go back to AT&T.

    But I am SO EXCITED that Verizon is finally getting the iPhone! SO EXCITED!

    Now TC is telling me I need to wait for the new iPhone to come out (in July??) instead of getting this one in February. Doesn't he know what kind of torture that will be?

  3. LOL - and you forgot to add that our entire family has Verizon. To switch would be high treason!

  4. LOVED it - what a creative and "spot-on" ad!!! I have been one of those million customers also! Thanks for sharing :)


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