Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sworn Enemies

They hate each other.

I always thought they would eventually work things out, but it's been almost three years and no progress.

He's losing his hair and weight. All of his belongings have been moved upstairs as to avoid any run-ins with her.

She runs around in circles, causing madness and chaos wherever she roams. She is no longer allowed upstairs because she can't keep her paws off the original ruler of our home.

Whenever they do get together, it happens by accident, and never ends pretty. There are loud noises, hair everywhere and we race madly to separate the two.

In his 13 years, he's been known for his grumpy side, which can be quite devilish at times.

And she looks like an angel, but is really a wild child under that demur facade.

I once imagined the day when they would cuddle together, side by side on the sofa. Days of romping in the grass and sharing spaghetti noodles.

But alas, as the years go by and these two grow further apart and hardened hearts keep them from loving, I must accept that they will never accept the other and they will be forever enemies.

He's much too old and set in his ways to change, but maybe she can be the one to change and give these destined enemies a chance for peace.

Two words: Puppy Prozac.
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  1. This is too funny! I feel your pain though! Hope things get better ;) Happy Tuesday!

  2. Love this. We have the same problem. Our cats look a lot alike. Good luck!!

  3. Oh gosh! Poor pup! I'm still hoping ours end up as BFFs.

  4. Oh my word, they are the cutest! I hope she can learn to be a little more accomodating!

  5. Love this! Your blog is so cute. I'm a new follower.

  6. ha! so funny! boudreaux LOVES cats and always wants to play with them, but they just don't like him. i bet she just wants to play and he just wants to be left alone. so funny!

  7. I love it! My cats are the same way, they hate each other --- drives me nuts!! They used to love each other, but not any more! All they do is FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT....okay, HISS! HISS! HISS! :)

  8. Hilarious! It's funny though ... we think if they are in the same family they automatically are BFFs but just like humans, it's not the case. They are adorable tho!!


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