Monday, November 8, 2010

Season's End

My little guy's  flag football team the Rockets placed second in the flag football championship playoffs yesterday.

It was a heated game, but we were unable to beat the Ravens, who ended the season undefeated.

Final score was 12-14, so we gave them a pretty good run for their money.

Walker led the entire league of 104 players in number of pulls by 12, number of rushing attempts and came in second on overall points, only passed by a player in the 8-9 year old division. 

I screamed my head off yesterday, became "one of those" parents that gets upset with the officials and Mike followed Walker up and down the field wherever he was. He was too nervous to sit down. I stayed in my chair with my mom and dad and watched from the sidelines. My tummy was in knots the whole time. 

We are proud.

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  1. So sweet! Thinking of Anderson getting older is bittersweet but I look forward to watching him play sports and be a part of a team.
    I bet that is a great feeling! Walker looks so happy and I bet he is so proud of the medals he received!

  2. Sooo cute - Great Job Walker :-)

  3. Woo hoo Walker!! Y'all are so blessed!!! :)

  4. aww, way to go Walker! I can't wait to go to sporting events for our littles, I am so going to be one of those moms screaming from the sidelines :-) that pic is so cute :)

  5. Way to go Walker!

    I have a feeling I will be the mom (when I have children) screaming from the sidelines, too!


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