Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Decor: Haunted Front Porch

Halloween rocked this year. The spooky spirits were flying high on our street and we had a great time. My sis, nephew, mom and dad came over to hang out and help create my haunted front porch. My sis and I rocked out our witch hats. We are both pretty much Halloween freaks.

I served vampire cupcakes to the neighborhood kids and they were a hit! Then I invited them to reach in and feel our brain and eyeball specimens.

I set the mood with cobwebs that wrapped the porch, candles and a thunder and lightening strobe-light and noise machine. One of the fun parts to having a boy at Halloween is they love gross stuff, so Walker thought it was cool and so did all of the boys in our neighborhood!

I'd say the whole evening was a success. Walker's candy bag was so full after about an hour of trick-or-treating that he handed it to me and asked me if I would carry it because it was so heavy!

Oh, and Mike and my dad were happy campers because they got to sit and watch football all night while we goofed around on the porch and played Halloween all night! Win win for all!

Until next year, my pretties!
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  1. I love it! Looks like so much fun!

  2. Wow! You guys go all out!!!Looks great!

  3. Totally cool! For the first time in over 10 years we had trick or treaters at our house. Almost 200! I may decide to like Halloween again, now that I don't have to teach the week before!!

  4. You are hilarious, SO creative & I LOVE your front porch. Looks like it was a blast. Nicely done! :o)

  5. really went all out! i wish i could have trick-or-treated at your place! your tights are adorable by the way! hope things in your neck of the woods are going well. hugs from blogland! xoxo

  6. I want to come to your house next year!!!

  7. Seriously, your entire set up is so stinkin' cute! Especially those vampire cupcakes!! I wish I had a front porch to make as festive...for now it's up and down an elevator and a bit of a balcony...*sigh!*


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