Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Be a Good Elf

I really don't care for your Louis Vuitton purse.
Believe me, I think there's nothing worse
Than hearing about your brand new diamond ring
When I really don't want to care about those things.

Your huge home is something I really don't like
For I like to see my family when we're home at night.
Don't tell me that $500k is middle class
I think that is crazy, it's actually crass.

Your new Tory burch shoes are adorable, I agree,
But because you have five pair, you aren't better than me.
I'd rather shop on eBay so I can roll the dice,
And get a good deal while you paid full price.

I want to be happy with who and what I am,
I don't need you to judge me or try to slam
On my Target purse or my Payless shoes
Really, who cares and in the end, it's what you do
For others and with others, how you care, how you treat
The people around you and new ones that you meet.

I want to live a life where I don't try to keep
Up with the Jones's and worry in my sleep
About credit card payments and how to pay the bills
Or if someone will leave me something in their will.

Think of all the people that don't have anything.
Then you may think twice about that brand new bling,
Or the reason you think you need that brand new pool,
Seriously, it doesn't make you cool.

This season is for giving, so remind yourself,
To think about others and be a good elf.
Try to give something back this holiday season,
If you don't know why, I can give you lots of reasons.

Author: A Southern Accent
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  1. I agree...best post ever! This should be published for sure, I mean really published! So creative!

  2. Love it... you're so creative. DM

  3. Wow, how much happier people would be if they lived by those words.....Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. i LOVE it. love it. you're so creative and were able to say this in a nice light-hearted way. i'm thankful for you! :) happy thanksgiving!

    i used to blog about "stuff" a lot and in the past 18 months my perspective has changed so much.


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