Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Trick, Cheap Treat

Just popping in quick to say hi and share a little something Walker and I had fun putting together last week to continue the spookification of things around here. Best part about this little piece is that everything except the black bug stickers came from the dollar store!

I've noticed that my creativity is being hindered by my guilt on spending money for such frivolous items as Halloween decor, so I hit up the Dollar Store to see what I could find to satisfy my craving to create and not break the bank.

$1.00 Plastic Skull Platter     
$1.00 Skeleton                     
$1.00 Googly Eyes              
$1.00 Trick or Treat Word  
$1.00 Mos:                         
$2.39 with coupon Black Bug Sitckers (Michaels):
$7.39 total (plus tax)

As you can see, Walker was pretty excited about how it turned out as well and he had fun helping me make it too!

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  1. so cute!!! and i love your halloween blog theme that's going on! :)

  2. This is adorable! I love going to the Dollar Store where everything really is a dollar haha but I can NEVER seem to be creative! I wish I had the eye... I might steal this one from you ;)


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