Friday, October 15, 2010

NC State Fair Food!

We're planning to head to the State Fair this weekend - one of my favorite things to do in the Fall! Some people turn their nose up at the fair, but I love everything about it - the crowds, the smells (good and bad), the noise - and most of all, the FOOD!!!

Here's what's new at the NC State Fair this year. Mike said last night he is definitely going to try the Krispy Kreme hamburger. I think I'm going to have to go for the deep fried chocolate pie. Walker said he's going to tackle the 1lb hot dog. I bet he gets about three bites into it and decides he's done.

Deep Fried Chocolate Pie
Deep Fried Pumpkin Pie
Pineapple Lemonade
Gourmet Funnel Cakes:
Black Forest (uses chocolate batter)
Blueberry Bum
Chocolate Obsession (uses chocolate batter)
Pecan Praline
Turtle Brownie
Gourmet Cupcakes:
Caramel Apple
Classic Red Velvet
Maple Bacon
Pumpkin Cream Cheese
Very Vanilla
Deep Fried Bacon & Cheese Mashed Potatoes Bites
Café Du Monde Beignets
Crawfish Etoufee
Deep Fried NC Cajun Turkey wings
Twinkie Logs, chocolate covered
Giant Gummy Bears
1 lb. all Beef Hotdog
Krispy Kreme Burger
Koolaid Pickles
Deep Fried Honey Bun
Deep Fried Chocolate Chips Ahoy Cookies
Fried Frito© Pie 

If you're headed to the fair, what are you looking forward to trying? And if you've already tried it, let us know how it was!!  You can find out where to locate all of the new food on the NC State Fair Food Finder page here.

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  1. I'm really excited to go to the fair next week! This will be my first time going, so I have high hopes. The black forest funnel cake, and the krispy kreme burger are going to be a must :)

  2. I feel like it's a sin to even read that list!

  3. haha, I think I gained 5 pounds reading it. Sounds yummy !

  4. Hi
    i found your blog tonight, the name and the location caught my eye. I was born in NC and have family there, some of my fondest memories were made there.
    enjoyed my visit


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