Thursday, October 28, 2010

Currently Loving: Chevron

Here's the full content of the post I guest-posted for Kara Paslay Designs! She has a cool blog, has been house-crashed by Young House Love and is currently out doing set design for a movie!

I'm in the process of converting an extra bedroom in my house to a fun, modern family room/office/playroom. And I've looked everywhere for design inspiration. Magazines, websites, other people's houses, stores...I'm learning a lot about design along the way, and sharing my new knowledge as I go!

Amateur design 101: One thing I've fallen in love with is the zig zag print, which I've learned is called Chevron in the design world. A Chevron is, according to Wikipedia, is "the general shape of a V character, or a triangular shape pointing up or more often, down."

Origins: The earliest known use of the chevron pattern is to be found on Minoan pottery, dating from 1800 B.C. It has been used to decorate armaments since the time of the Crusades. Today, chevrons are used to denote rank in several military forces around the world.

First thing that comes to mind: The green crochet afghan my mom used to pull out of the linen closet when we got cold. I think my great-grandmother made it. Who knew grandma was so cool way back then.

My observations: Goes with anything. Looks great in any color. Just a little goes a long way. Can instantly modernize a room. Liked by the old, young and in-between and can be gender-neutral!

The inspiration:
So, do you have any Chevron in your house? 
If not, will you be going out and getting some?
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  1. No Chevron, but I would love to have all those orange hermes boxes full of goodies :)


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