Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's A Parsons Table?

I'll admit, I've never been schooled in the formalities of design, and such, couldn't really name the styles of specific types of furniture from different eras, but as I'm coming to love decor and starting to get more into the fun of it all, I'm learning. This may be basic stuff I never knew and most of you may already know, but thought I'd share anyhow in case there is that one other person out that that asks, "what they heck is a parsons table and why is it called that?"

It's a trend I've seen in all of the major design publications and online - these sleek, simple tables, desks and accent pieces. Out with the chunky, clunky coffee table, and in with the modern and sophisticated look.

I happened upon the parsons table after searching for hours upon hours on websites for the perfect coffee table for "the room". I kept coming across something called a parsons table, so I did what any intelligent person would do, I wikipedia-ed it. Here's what came back:

So, I figured that Parsons school the use on Project Runway could be related, and I was right! And just so you know, how the Parsons school got its name:


So, getting to my point, I've found some great parsons tables and rooms with parsons tables through my searches, from extremely affordable to extremely expensive and I'm gonna share them with you, just in case you're looking too! I actually purchased the parsons coffee table from Wal-Mart (and the parsons desk too) for the new room. They came in this week and I'm already loving both pieces!

So what do you think? Gonna run out and buy one for yourself to give your room a quick makeover, or do you think it's too simple for your taste?

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  1. I like the look but it's not practical for us. I need a coffee table that has either drawers or a shelf cause we have too much stuff!

  2. I Love simple pieces like that. They never go out of style!

    Hope you have a wonderful night Love,

  3. P.S. Have you seen the night stand/side tables? They have them at West Elm. Got a pair the other day for a cool $99 each. They look AMAZING and so chic.


  4. i kind of like these tables, but my stuff is pretty antique-ish so i'm not sure how they would mesh. the next time i'm in the market for a table though, i might make it one of these. i do love that mirrored one from elle decor, or maybe i just love the pink! hope you've had a great week! xoxo

  5. The parsons table is a great accent to any room in the house. I really like the examples you shared of how it can be dressed up. Normally, I wouldn't think twice about it, but it's simplicity helps bring out the other flattering features in the room. Great research!


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