Monday, September 27, 2010

Nine Years

Mike and I celebrated nine years of marriage last week with a long weekend in Charleston, SC. We had a wonderful weekend of fine food, relaxing strolls and successful shopping!

Carriage Ride Through Charleston

It was oh so relaxing.

Mike kept saying "I wish Walker was here."
I kept saying, "Shut up and stop reminding me."

We both missed our little guy a lot. I had to keep reminding him that a happy marriage makes for a happy child.

Bike Rickshaw Tour of Charleston

We actually decided this weekend that we are quite boring people (as we blew off our Saturday evening dinner reservations to instead grab burgers, hang out in our hotel room and watch football/read).

I'm not going to bore you with all the details but the food was amazing. Let's just say Mike ate friend chicken livers twice while we were there. I had shrimp and grits, a B.L.F.G.T. (bacon, lettuce, fried green tomato) sandwich, sushi, coconut pie...

And by the time we left, the lady at the prailine counter knew Mike's face (enough that Saturday night, when he went to buy two for our dessert, she threw in four extra).

And we just kept saying all weekend how nice everyone in the south is and how happy we are that we are southern.
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  1. Happy Anniversary to you guys! Our ninth is Wednesday as well and we celebrated this weekend. Isn't it funny how you so want a night out alone, but then all you do is think about the kid? Gotta love it.

  2. I just started following not long ago and now am JEALOUS after reading this post! ; ) I love and miss Charleston so much! I lived there for 6 years before having to move overseas and I hope to call it home in the future! That shop has the BEST pralines of all! Oh so yummy! Oh and what I would do for some shrimp and grits or a fried green tomato BLT! I am glad you and your husband enjoyed Charleston! And yes, I am glad I am a southerner even if I am miles and miles away from the south!
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary! And, you are so right, the best gift you can give your child is a happy, loving marriage. I've been wanting to visit Charleston for a long time. It's definitely on my list.

  4. I ride past that shop every day!!! Happy Anniversary, and I'm glad you enjoyed my hometown!

  5. Happy Anniversary! It sounded like a perfect weekend! Food, relaxing, fabulous time with the Hubs! and I love that the lady knew y'all by the end so she gave you extra desserts! :) That is so fun!

  6. So Sweet! Happy Anniversary! Good thing I just finished dinner or your post would have made me very hungry haha

  7. I live here in Charleston and let's just say since I moved her a year ago, I have gained about 15 pounds!! Happy Anniversary to you!

  8. Happy 9th Anniversary! Looks like a perfect weekend in Charleston! Sounds like you really got to enjoy it :)

  9. Happy Anniversary! Hey, I know that praline shop!


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