Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sorry Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and (insert name here) overly priced home decor store.

I'm breaking up with you. I've found a new love. One that doesn't make me pay insane prices for cute stuff and force my home to look like everyone else out there.

I'm tired of being just one of the crowd. (You saw that Friend's episode, right?)

Yes, I may still read those love letters you send me in the mail quite often, and I may have some longings for the pretties on your pages, but I will no longer be a slave to your prices.

I've found someone new. With lots more character, lots more options and much less of a commitment when it comes to my money. And I drop by so much more often to see them because I never know what treasures I uncover each time we are together!

Meet: the consignment shop.

Behold, evidence of my new-found love...

These two are the newest additions to my room remodel, currently making lots of progress. Walls are almost completely painted, floors are in boxes in the hallway, ready for installation once the painting is complete. New carpet for our living room comes tomorrow! Giddy with excitement!!
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  1. Consignments shops are awesome. What was once old is new again!

  2. There's a furniture consignment shop near us that opened recently and I've been wanting to go check it out. We have quite the list of furniture we want to buy, but everything we like is SO expensive.

  3. Great finds! Don't forget Overstock.com too!

  4. Wow. I'm impressed with your finds.

  5. ooh I can't wait to see it all finished! :) ps gave you a lil shout out on the blog today ;)

  6. awesome finds!! I love finding deals! p.s. I am having a giveaway going on :)

  7. Its refreshing to know there are great home decor finds out there that don't cost a fortune! Good for you!! :) I LOVE the sofa!

  8. I must spend more time in Durham other than at the DPAC. Great finds!

  9. I just have to say Pottery Barn stuff is crap - the poorest of poor quality. My friend/neighbor works there and they've now started in-home consulting to sell their big crappy furniture to poor unsuspecting people. Great display concept, great broadband marketing and all but - geesh.....just sayin' :o)


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