Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Back!

I think that was probably the longest vacation I've ever taken, and my how it flew by. It was an extremely relaxing week and a half at the beach with family. We didn’t do anything too exciting, just played on the beach and at the pool, did a little shopping, ate good food, saw Inception with Mike and loved it, and went fishing and crabbing...

...played Wii, Nintendo, on the iPod, watched Shark Week on the Discovery Channel - what would kids today do without their electronics? Good thing is that they did spend a lot of time outside and not doing this too much...

Now it’s life back in the fast lane. I’m already at headquarters for an overnight stay, headed back home again tomorrow.

I kept up with my fellow bloggers while I was away, so jealous to hear the wonderful stories about Blogher in NYC. I hope I can make it next year!

I think Walker finally has everything he needs to start kindergarten. Backpack, check, lunchbag, check, uniform for Thursdays, check, new shoes, check. It’s been fun spending so much time with him over the last couple of weeks since he’s out of preschool now. He is so excited about kindergarten and can’t wait to get started! I’m kinda ready to get on with it as well, so we can get a new routine down.

Thanks for all of the wonderful replies to my post on happy pills. I hope to continue to talk about this topic on my blog to promote discussion about the issues I face, and many of you face as well, regarding anxiety and depression. To those negative comments that don’t believe it’s real, I just say I hope you never have to deal with it yourself or watch a loved one fight through it. It’s real and it is some much more than just being sad. It is debilitating - can’t get out of bed in the morning, feel like a big black hole inside you debilitating - and having everything and every happiness in the world can’t make it better.
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  1. Glad your Vacay was enjoyable!!! Love following your blog and you on twitter!

  2. Glad y'all had such a great vacay, it sounded wonderful! Welcome back :)

  3. YAY for vacations! Love reading your blog and tweets - from Raleigh - Leslie


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