Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finding Fall Shoes

I've pretty picky about shoes. My mom says I always pick the ugliest ones out at the time, but I beg to differ - especially considering what is out right now. Have you seen some of the awful stuff in the stores?

First off, I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes. Especially when they are trendy. I have one pair of Tory Burch shoes and I bought them half price. I do have about four pairs of Dansko clogs, but they last forever and are so worth the money you pay for them.

Since I wore my Dansko leopard clogs like almost every day last fall/winter, I'm kinda sick of them and wanted something new for this fall.(I just got stuck in a rut for work and they are just so comfortable!) Problem is, I hate most of the shoes that are out there now and the ones I kinda like are almost $200 and the whole heeled clog thing is just too trendy to spend a lot of money on.

So, after looking everywhere - in stores and online, I checked Target yesterday. I typically have a hard time finding Target shoes that are comfortable on me, they either rub the wrong way or are too wide. But I actually lucked up yesterday and found two pairs that I love!

First up, the heeled clog. I've seen these in stores, but haven't fallen in love with the look. I did used to wear these about 10 years ago and I think that's one reason I can't get into it, but I found these at Target for only $19.99 and they are so comfortable! Even better, the heel height on them is not too crazy either.

Next up, some fun boots that actually fit my chunky calfs! I've been wanting some more casual boots since all of the boots I have are dressy, so these suede boots at Target were perfect! And again, comfy and an awesome price at only $39.99 - when did you last pay that little for a pair of boots? I can just see these with a corduroy skirt from Boden and tights on a chilly day!
So, go try them on at your local Target and see for yourself!

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  1. I bought a pair of Sonoma clogs at Kohls very similar this the ones you bought at Target. They are very comfortable and look great with jeans.

  2. Love the Clogs, they are so comfortable. Those were popular back in 1980 and I wore them all the time with my Jeans. Great buys you found.


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