Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Funk

Today I didn't feel like getting out of bed, actually have been feeling that way for a couple of weeks now. Can't quite understand what's getting to me, but I've been in a bad mood for about a month. Maybe I'm stressed about Walker starting kindergarten and I'm suppressing my feelings and they are just taking me over inside, maybe it's because it's so friggin hot I can't even walk outside without sweating or even enjoy an evening at the pool.

I'll call it the summer funk, and it's taken me over. Maybe it's because summer is almost over and although I can't wait for the crisp fall evenings, Halloween and warm clothes, I still feel a little sad that this is the last summer for my little guy as a pre-schooler.

He has only four days left of preschool. The last five years have been leading up to this day, and what seemed so far away is now here and I'm really nervous. Thing is, I'm not even sure why I'm so nervous. Maybe it's because of the unknown, the new schedule, the new everything. Some of it is because I'm nervous about him making new friends and I hope his classmates will like him. I'm sure they will, he's a pretty cool little dude. He's funny, outgoing and he is so excited about starting kindergarten he can't stand it.

The heat is certainly getting to me. We spent the entire weekend indoors and I thought I was going to go insane cooped up like that. I wanted to be at the pool, but it was a sauna and even the water was hot - like getting in a warm bath. The grass in the front yard has fried to a crispy brown and leaves are falling off the Poplar in the front yard like it's fall already. My flowers and herbs are all droopy and sad and we all sit and wait for some rain and cooler temperatures to relieve us.

To top it all off, now I've got a fun summer cold. Bleh.
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  1. Im right there with you on the crummy feeling!!! AND the cold! We all have it at our house!!!

  2. Summer colds are the worst. I feel your pain on the summer funk. Summer's just go by entirely too fast now!

  3. Lets all remember how FORTUNATE we are! Good job,
    good husband and a beautiful, loving, healthy and very smart son,who because of you both will have a wonderful and exciting life ahead.
    Love to all, XO A

  4. Oh honey! I hope you feel better. Your baby will love school. And his new classmates will love him. Don't worry about a thing. All's well with the world - even though it's hot as hades. xoxo

  5. Soon the winds of life will blow you out of the doldrums, try to find some peace as you float along in your journey. Of course you're anxious about Walker's new beginning but have faith that you've done a good job so far and he's prepared!


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